The Ben Morrison Band – Moonshine Ink’s 11th Tiny Porch Concert

Sound check has never been quite so fun on a Tiny Porch set before. Perhaps it was the band’s care-free demeanor and quippy banter, or maybe their 2 to 3 minute intro making up names for what the band should be called: Ben Morrison and the Somebodies, Ben Morrison and the Full Bladder Boys, Ben Morrison and the Motorboat Boys, etc. Because in reality, as with every new project, they still haven’t quite figured out what to call themselves. Whatever it was, the air about them was nothing but fun, easy, and even somewhat youthful. The Ben Morrison Band released their brand-new album, Old Technology, on Aug. 31, sporting ten new songs. Check out two of the original songs, “Old Technology” and “Let Me Be.”

Check out the video NOW, live on YouTube, and you can read the full article by Molly Wilcox in Moonshine Ink.

VISIT TRUCKEE is proud to say we helped bring this video to life, as sponsors of this delightful and engaging series.

TINY PORCH is a video concert series by Moonshine Ink that supports live music and aims to help foster the Tahoe/Truckee art scene. To reach the team, contact