Business Speaks Sept. 25-27 Meetings Notes

September 25, 26 & 27 Meetings

During the September Business Speaks meetings 100 business owners, managers, non-profits, and local government districts learned the latest developments on three important projects and provided input and shared ideas.


1. Employer Co-op

2. Growing Our Own

3. Develop Truckee as an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


About Business Speaks:

All business owners, including home-based businesses, are invited to attend a meeting in the Base Camp business area where their business is physically located, however, attendance at any meeting that is convenient is also welcome. All meetings are inclusive, you don’t need to be a Chamber member to attend. Meetings will last just 90 minutes and will be professionally facilitated with a format designed to allow businesses to speak candidly,  while fostering conversation that can lead to creative solutions.   Meetings will be held quarterly throughout 2018. Learn more about why you should attend with the Business Speaks! FAQ.