Get Away from the Crowds with Off Road Tahoe this Summer

Off Road Tahoe

Early Season is Prime Time to be On-Trail in the

North Tahoe Backcountry with Off Road Tahoe

There’s nothing quite like getting outside and exploring a new area. Now that the snow has almost completely melted, it’s finally time to hit the trail. With a sense of adventure and curiosity for the unknown, a day spent outdoors is always a rewarding experience. But for many locals and visitors to Truckee-Tahoe, much of the hiking and biking trails have already been discovered. Coming across new parts of the backcountry is a special experience – the only problem is there never seems to be enough time in the day to reach the ultimate destination.


Off Road Tahoe

Adding excitement to outdoor adventure in North Lake is Off Road Tahoe, a full-service guided Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) tour company that is based in Truckee and ready to hit the trail with groups of up to 10 guests, twice a day. Off Road Tahoe makes outdoor exploration more accessible to more people by getting just about anyone outside further, for longer. Instead of dirt bikes and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Off Road Tahoe’s vehicles give guests a safer, more comfortable experience that brings luxury to the backcountry. Guides take care of everything guests will need to have an amazing day on the trail. All guests need to do is show up and hop in the driver’s seat, behind the wheel of their own private side-by-side. Wilderness First Responder certified guides lead guests into the woods for an unforgettable experience with the only U.S. Forest Service permitted UTV tour company in the area.

The early-season is a prime time to be on the trail. The last snow patches are almost completely melted, so trails are nicely saturated and keep you from kicking-up too much dust. The weather is warming up with those famed bright, crisp Tahoe mornings beckoning you for a day of exploration; all you need to do is answer the call.

Luckily for those new to off-roading or not quite ready to purchase a rig of their own, Off Road Tahoe gets you behind the wheel and onto the most scenic trails without you having to worry about fueling up or even knowing where to go. Off Road Tahoe meets tour guests at the trailhead in Truckee and takes care of everything from the moment they arrive, outfitting in helmets, teaching about safety, driving the vehicles, trail etiquette and then hitting the road.

Anyone at least eight years old and four feet tall who is comfortable sitting in a vehicle on a bumpy ride can join an Off Road Tahoe tour and get deeper into the backcountry than they would ever reach on a day’s hike or bike ride. Off Road Tahoe tours are perfect for singles, couples and groups looking to get outside.

Kids can get a taste for the backcountry while their parents, family and friends show them what a little throttle therapy looks like. Bachelor and bachelorette parties can get into the woods for a bonding experience, extreme photo shoots can reach breathtaking vistas to snap the perfect shot, business professionals can enjoy some team-building and locals or vacationers can get outside for a new and rewarding experience – the options are limitless.

As off-road season unfolds, wildflowers bloom along the trail and fill surrounding meadows. Days get warmer as the summer goes on, which makes the tour’s Creekside vista a welcomed stopping point to splash in some fresh spring water. No matter the time of season, an Off Road Tour always delivers rewarding outdoor experiences to longtime locals and those just beginning to fall in love with the area, alike. For more information, visit

Off-Road Destinations in North Lake Tahoe:

North Lake Tahoe is an off-road mecca for outdoor enthusiasts looking to get off of the main road and out onto trails. For people with their own off-road vehicles, is a wonderful resource to learn about new destinations and continuously expand on backcountry exploration.

Off-road destinations in North Tahoe include Sardine Lakes, Signal Peak OHV Trail, Mount Watson Trail, Boca and Stampede Reservoirs, the famed Fordyce Trail and many, many more. Be sure to follow all Forest Service OHV sign designations and if you have questions on where to ride, visit the U.S. Forest Service webpage or call 530.265.4531.

Visit or call (530) 562-6385 to book your tour!