Kat Schliemann and Jennifer Kobert Open Truckee’s First All-Female Co-Working Space

The Tributary Collective Female Co-Working Space

Kat Schliemann and Jennifer Kobert open Truckee’s first all-female co-working space. The Tributary Collective was founded by two local entrepreneurs, Kat Schliemann and Jennifer Kobert. Before moving to Truckee, Jennifer had created a similar workspace in Marin County for her business, Sefte Living, and found that women working together is more than the sum of its parts. When she met Kat, founder of Clear Unity, they knew they were the perfect team to start the same model (and magic) again in Truckee.

Kat and Jennifer believe that community and collaboration are inextricably linked to inspiration, creativity and success. With The Tributary Collective they have created an open and inviting atmosphere where both hard work and personal growth is celebrated. They are dedicated to their mission to promote female business owners and will be hosting networking events and advocating for the lady bosses of tomorrow.

Located in the heart of Truckee, the Tributary Collective is accepting new memberships for female professionals starting January 2019.  Memberships vary from monthly options to annual commitments and are scaled depending on your space requirements, (i.e. – dedicated desk, inventory storage etc.)  

To learn more go to www.thetributarycollective.com or by following them on Facebook and Instagram at @thetributarycollective.