Like music? You’ll love Tiny Porch Concerts!

Tiny Porch, Big Sounds

Like music? You’ll love Tiny Porch Concerts! The team at the region’s local independent newspaper, Moonshine Ink, swoons over music, so we came up with the idea to snag local or nationally famous bands passing through the area. We invite them to be filmed performing an unplugged-style concert on our porch perched on the bank of the Truckee River at our world headquarters. The resulting popular video series celebrates the power of community journalism and live music, while also proudly highlighting our region in an engaging story concept we customize for each band.

Episode 8: Willy Tea Taylor

“Meeting Willy was like meeting a Tahoe legend. He is well-known throughout the Basin as an act you do not want to miss and one that will likely bring you to tears. It was a treat to finally meet the man behind the music. A weathered miner with axe in-hand delights this rugged singer-songwriter as they meet in a downtown Truckee bar. The soulful and beloved Willy Tea Taylor performs “In the Water” and “The Ballad of Molly Rose,” two achingly powerful pieces.”

Don’t miss this: Willy opened up to Le’a Gleason in this exclusive interview.

Moonshine Ink Tiny Porch Concerts

Episode 7: The Peculiar Pretzelmen

Have you ever seen a drum kit that cleverly utilizes pieces of old ammunition to craft unique sounds? A guy who has more banjos than most people have shoes? Never? Well, allow us to introduce you to The Peculiar Pretzelmen, who rolled through town on their Murder of Bedlam tour and shared their gypsy grunge for our Tiny Porch audience. We dare you to try to keep still when these finely dressed gentlemen get going. No one watching during the filming could help themselves from tapping a foot, swaying a head, and enjoying the show.

The interview with the Pretzelmen reveals what’s really in the Moonshine basement.

Moonshine Ink Tiny Porch Concerts