Meet New Member: Hibear - Makers of the All-Day Adventure Flask

Meet New Member: Hibear - Makers of the All-Day Adventure Flask

February 8, 2022

The Truckee Chamber is pleased to welcome new member Hibear, makers of the All-Day Adventure Flask. After nearly three years of product refinement (read: blood, sweat, and beers) and a Kickstarter campaign that raised ten times its goal in fall 2020, Hibear is now selling the award-winning All-Day Adventure Flask DTC. Hibear’s versatile, insulated, easy-to-clean, and rugged utility bottle is designed to craft all your favorite beverages – from cold brew to cocktails – yet simple enough to use as an everyday water bottle. With ten times the versatility of the average insulated bottle, the All-Day Adventure Flask encourages users to pack less and do more.

Hibear was born out of travel and adventure. Founder Mark Tsigounis and the team didn’t just decide to make sustainable adventure products better through smart design. They did it because their adventures demanded it. After traveling around the world, they learned the value of less and that the things we carry should do more. The capability of insulated bottles was pretty limited and they weren’t so great for making beverages on the road, which got them thinking that adventure travel needed a better bottle, and so they made one.

After more than 3 years of research and development, the All-Day Adventure Flask was born. Hibear’s products and practices support sustainability. They are committed to being part of the solution through offsetting their carbon footprint, building a quality product that reduces single-use plastic, and protecting our natural spaces.

Hydration is an essential part of outdoor adventure and day-to-day travel. Most bottles tend to fall short when it comes to crafting beverages on the go, especially when bag space is at a premium. The answer to that is Hibear’s All-Day Adventure Flask, “the Swiss Army tool” of insulated bottles.

Hibear’s vacuum-insulated shell, made from tough kitchen-grade stainless steel, makes the bottle sustainable and nonabsorbent of flavors. It opens up to access everything inside, making it easy to clean and eliminating the need for a bottle brush. Inside is a 355 ml 130µ stainless steel filter for infusions, tea, and cold brew. There is a strainer for shaking cocktails and a steel thermal core to keep colds colder without diluting them with ice. The lid even inverts to make pour-over coffee.

Hibear is proud to support independent artists with each bottle’s under sleeve artwork, such as the Seven Summits design featured on the Pow Day and Night Hike. The artwork on the base of the bottle is protected by a silicone sleeve that shields it from small drops and is removable to double as a mug for friends and pets.

Hibear is a local company that supports shopping locally. The Adventure Flask makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, host gifts, or for any occasion. You can find the Hibear Adventure Flask in Truckee at The BackCountry, Grizzly Menswear, The Sock Parlour, Tahoe Sports Hub, and Truckee Food Shop, with more local shops being added.

Hibear encourages people to pack less and do more with one insulated bottle. Hibear has a strong commitment to sustainability and being part of the climate change solution. As an outdoor brand, they are at the forefront of these initiatives. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Hibear has a wild and beautiful testing ground for its products. All of their packaging and products are delivered with recyclable and thoughtfully crafted reusable materials. Single-use sucks.

Beyond their packaging, Hibear achieves its eco-conscious goals through long-lasting design quality, reusability, a commitment to be carbon neutral, and their support of climate change nonprofit initiatives. Hibear is a member of 1% for the Planet and is Climate Neutral Certified

Learn more at #climbhighAF