Meet New Member: Rebel Venetian

Meet New Member: Rebel Venetian

June 25, 2024

From Humble Beginnings to Luxury Design: North Lake Locals Rebel Venetian Combine Creativity and Trade Skills

More than a decade ago, partners and best friends Kyle and Chris began their journey with Mudslingers Drywall, mastering the art of precision and reliability in the construction industry. What started as a small endeavor to fix holes and repair cracks in drywall has evolved into a unique and reputable business: Rebel Venetian – known for its exceptional artistry, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Kyle and Chris’s passion for construction began at a young age, growing up in Kings Beach and working for a local drywall company. In 2009, driven to go out on their own, they founded Mudslingers Drywall. Fueled by determination and the support of their tight-knit community, they went door-to-door offering their services. This grassroots approach built their skills and established a strong reputation for reliable service within the Truckee-Tahoe area.

Their work quickly became synonymous with quality and reliability. Meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence allowed them to earn the trust of homeowners and businesses alike. No matter the size, each project was treated with the same level of dedication, ensuring that every client received the best possible results.

As the company grew, so did Kyle and Chris’s vision. They wanted to expand their horizons and explore new creative possibilities within the construction industry. This ambition led to the birth of Rebel Venetian, a company dedicated to luxury and bespoke design, and a new Truckee Chamber of Commerce member. Rebel Venetian specializes in custom finishes that push the boundaries of traditional plasterwork, crafting stunning surfaces that redefine elegance and sophistication.

With Rebel Venetian, their team aims to transform spaces into works of art. Their skilled artisans utilize innovative techniques and high-quality materials to create breathtaking finishes that elevate any environment. From sleek, modern designs to intricate, classical patterns, Rebel Venetian’s work is a testament to their commitment to pushing the envelope of what’s possible in interior design.
Rebel Venetian strives to deliver an exceptional experience from start to finish, ensuring that every project meets its high standards of quality and innovation. Its creative work elevates spaces with the unparalleled beauty of Venetian plaster. As its business grows, the goal is to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Truckee-Tahoe is not just a business location; it’s their home. Kyle and Chris’s deep roots in the area, their love for the outdoors, and the support from their community have been the pillars of their success. They are committed to giving back and contributing to the area’s development, a testament to their deep connection and gratitude to the community that has supported them from the beginning.
Kyle and Chris’s business ventures, which have led them to Rebel Venetian, represent the culmination of years of hard work, passion, and dedication. From humble beginnings to becoming leaders in drywall craftsmanship and luxury finishes, they are proud of their legacy and excited for the future. Their story is one of innovation, excellence, and a deep connection to the community they serve.

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