Meet New Member: Schaaf & Wheeler

Meet New Member: Schaaf & Wheeler

July 9, 2024

We are happy to welcome new Truckee Chamber member, Schaaf & Wheeler. Since its founding in 1985, Schaaf & Wheeler has been at the forefront of water resources engineering, serving clients across California, Nevada, Washington, and Hawaii. With a comprehensive suite of services, the firm excels in planning and engineering systems for stormwater, potable water, recycled water, and wastewater. Additionally, Schaaf & Wheeler is dedicated to restoring the natural beauty of rivers, streams, and estuaries, ensuring a balanced and sustainable approach to water resource management.

Their expertise extends to analyzing floodplains, revising FEMA flood maps, and conducting Flood Insurance Studies, providing clients with the critical information needed to navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

In 2020, Caitlin Tharp made a significant life change, moving to the picturesque Tahoe-Truckee region to start a family and embrace the area’s stunning natural environment. With a deep-rooted passion for outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, Caitlin found the perfect balance between her professional aspirations and personal fulfillment.

Caitlin and her husband, Carl, purchased a property in historic Brickelltown, recognizing its potential as the site for a new Schaaf & Wheeler branch. If you’ve driven down Donner Pass Road, you may have noticed the historic renovation in progress—this is the future home of Schaaf & Wheeler’s Tahoe-Truckee office. Caitlin is committed to building her business locally, aiming to hire from within the community and offer top-tier water resource engineering expertise.

Through this expansion, Schaaf & Wheeler brings extensive experience and innovative solutions to the Tahoe Truckee area, continuing a legacy of excellence and community-focused service. Keep an eye out for their new location and the exciting developments it will bring to the region!

Visit Schaaf & Wheeler’s website for more information about their services and projects.

Visit their website for more information about their services and projects.