#Shop Local 365 Truckee – Shop, Dine, Share & Win!

Truckee is no longer under Stay at Home Orders! After a tough month for restaurants only able to do takeout, and businesses missing out on foot traffic from dining, Winter Wonderland is returning to Truckee as more restaurants open for outside dining.

This is great, but doesn’t change that many Truckee businesses rely on the weeks spanning the holidays to carry them through until the summer –  the very weeks of the Stay at Home Order restrictions. We can help the businesses we care about make it through. Please consider spending your dollars locally with #ShopLocal365Truckee.

#ShopLocal365Truckee is not just about shopping. It is also about purchasing services such as massages, haircuts, gym classes. It’s about dining locally – whether in some of the fun al fresco stages set up around town, or doing takeout and enjoying local cuisine at home. It’s about “paying it forward” and pre-purchasing services or products you know you are going to use or need in the future.


The Truckee Chamber has created an opportunity to share your local shopping experiences and win gift cards to our local businesses. Shoppers that purchase products or services from local businesses can take a selfie or pic and post it to social with the hashtag #ShopLocal365Truckee. Then they will be entered to win $100 in gift cards. There will be 3 winners per month through June! SEE MORE DETAILS HERE.

This is about believing and embracing the fact that we are community-minded people that think first about where we can spend our money… locally… in the community where we live, work and play.  We know that our dollars will continue to work for us by funding critical public services and making our community a vibrant place where business can thrive

Please join us in making #ShopLocal365Truckee a daily practice to make our community stronger. Let’s make it a way of life. Truckee shops local – 365 days a year.