Robert Grossman Launches Sierra CCW Firearms Training Business

Sierra CCW Firearms Training

Robert Grossman launches Sierra CCW Firearms Training business. Sierra CCW Firearms Training offers business professionals and residents firearms training for self-defense. It may be a sensitive subject, but operating a business in the Truckee Tahoe region can leave some people exposed to harm. Founder Robert Grossman, is a California DOJ-Certified CCW instructor, author, and TV personality. He teaches the region’s most complete, scenario-centric, and value-packed state-mandated classes for CCW applicants.

Whether you regularly handle or transport cash, show clients homes in remote areas, or are otherwise sometimes faced with situations that can leave you vulnerable, self-protection may be the only option available. Depending on your individual needs, Sierra CCW also offers private VIP classes, family safety training, and large-group classes. If you take your personal safety or your family’s safety seriously, get the best training available at Sierra CCW. Contact Robert at 530-563-6397 or visit