Tiffany Eskilson launches Hawk Consulting

Tiffany Eskilson Hawk Consulting

After spending two years between Truckee and San Francisco, Tiffany Eskilson committed to full-time Truckee living in June 2018 and hasn’t looked back. With over a decade of financial and business strategy experience, Tiffany launched Hawk Consulting to provide advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Hawk Consulting helps entrepreneurs identify and address risks to their business in order to avoid potential pitfalls and improve operations. In many cases, we recommend beginning with a consultation to help us create an enterprise risk assessment, in which we take into account the industry, years in operation, management team, financial health, and strategic outlook. We then work with the Founder (or management team) to operationalize your strategic goals and mitigate financial risk.

Ultimately, Hawk Consulting aims to equip you with the tools to optimize your own internal resources with agility and discipline. For more information, visit or email