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Truckee Dance Factory

Dance is our passion, our business, our life and it is our goal to inspire others to grow their own passion for the art of dance. We strive to nurture every student and to give them the physical, mental, and emotional tools to uncover their full potential as dancers and artists. Whether through one of our 6 dance companies or through one of our 60+ weekly classes, Truckee Dance Factory promotes strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and commitment.  We encourage each dancer to find their own creativity and vision in order to excel in their art.

Ryan and Padma Curren, originally from Santa Cruz, have been professional dancers and teachers for almost 20 years and have taught in Truckee since 2005. With full classes and year-long waiting lists, they realized that there was a community calling for more dance, so they opened Truckee Dance Factory in 2015. Both have been recognized for their stunning and powerful choreography as well as their ability to inspire dancers to be the best they can be. Some of their choreography for advanced dancers reflects on issues like mental health, bullying, and school shootings.

Ryan and Padma enjoy helping students combine their athletic and creative expression with dance to connect and communicate in a real way with others, both in the studio and on the stage. Truckee Dance Factory offers classes for age 18 months through adult, in beginning through advanced in the styles of hip hop/breaking, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and acro, as well as competitive and performance dance companies. They also encourage their students to grow artistically by supporting and coaching student choreography. For more info, drop by the studio at 10975 Pioneer Trail or visit: