BIG LIFE Connections: Truckee Museums Tour Recap

BIG LIFE Connections: Truckee Museums Tour Recap

December 9, 2021

We had a great time at our recent Truckee Museums Tour. About 30 residents got together at the Depot for a little mix & mingle, then had tours led by Truckee Donner Historical Society docents of the Old Jail Museum, the Railroad Museum in the Caboose, and the Truckee Museum of History in the Depot.

“The event was super informative and we were able to chat with some new locals and share.”

“Super fun event! Great turnout! Thanks for pulling it together.”

BIG LIFE Connections is a program developed by the Truckee Chamber to:

  • Connect the community
  • Develop relationships
  • Encourage engagement, highlight volunteering opportunities
  • Connect with businesses and the people behind the business
  • Share Truckee’s character, culture, values — what it means to be a Truckee Local!

Knowing Truckee’s colorful history is a big part of being a Truckee Local. From the building of the transcontinental railroad and the challenges of blasting through granite to ice harvesting pure, clean ice, which was a luxury for only the very wealthy—it was used mainly in upscale San Francisco hotels and bars and also to keep fruit cool on its way to the East Coast in rail cars known as the Pacific Fruit Express. The stories are rich, fascinating and learning about them should be part of every Truckee local’s experience.

If you missed the tour, drop by the Museum of Truckee History in the Depot. If they are closed, head down to the California Welcome Center for more information.

Watch for more BIG LIFE Connections events coming in 2022!