Gorgeous Truckee Backgrounds for Your Next Zoom Meeting

Donner Lake Near Truckee

The virtual world of Zoom is now a mainstay of everyday life. Next time you tune into a meeting with your friends or family, spice up your background and show off your favorite mountain town – Truckee, CA. We dug through our archives and found these gorgeous photos which are perfect for a desktop or Zoom background and will keep you dreaming of the mountains. Download these images for free and bring Truckee to your next Zoom meeting!

Downtown Truckee in Spring

We love Truckee in the spring, don’t you? The flowers are in bloom, the sun is bright, and our historic downtown sparkles when the light hits it just right. Ready to experience Truckee in spring from afar? 

Historic Downtown Truckee in Spring
Photo credit: Michelle Erskinne

Highway 40 Scenic Bypass 

Let’s go for a drive! A drive down Old Highway 40 as it’s known. This windy road is a local’s favorite and takes on a magical alpenglow after the sunset, pictured below. Show your appreciation for Donner Lake and the iconic rainbow bridge and make this photo your next zoom background.

Donner Lake Near Truckee
Photo credit: Bill Stevenson

Wildflower Meadow in Truckee

Tom Petty said it best, “you belong among the wildflowers.” And it’s true, you belong in Truckee’s mountains, but for now, we hope you appreciate these beautiful landscapes from afar. Make this your zoom background if you want to lay in a field of wildflowers while you soak up the last rays of the summer sun.

Purple Lily wildflower meadow Truckee
Photo credit: Bill Stevenson

Donner Lake

Wishing you could sip your morning coffee on the shores of Donner Lake while you listen to the blustery wind rip up and down the valley? This photo will take you back to Truckee in wintertime – rugged, restless, and wild. This background will make you start dreaming of next winter’s adventures. Where do you want to go?

Snow on Donner Lake

How to change your Zoom background in three easy steps

  1. Click on the link below each image to download it.
  2. Create a Zoom account and log in. Open your ‘Account Settings’ or click the up arrow next to ‘Start Video’ in the lower left-hand corner.
  3. Select ‘Choose a Virtual Background’ and press the plus ‘+’ sign to upload the photo of your choice. You’re ready to go!

Thank you for appreciating Truckee from afar. We can’t wait until the day when we can welcome you back!

Siobhan Kenney

About Siobhan Kenney

Siobhan traveled the American West as a National Park Ranger before setting down roots in Truckee. Outdoor adventure is her bread and butter and most days you can find her skiing, trail running, or backpacking.  Follow along with her adventures on Instagram @siokenney.