We are creative

We are creative

June 17, 2021

Truckee is made up of an alpine clan of creators, artists, artisans, makers, photographers, historians, musicians, poets, dancers, performers, chefs and others. Our creative culture is the backbone that keeps Truckee an authentic mountain town. Did you know that Truckee is one of only 14 California Cultural Districts in the state? We’re proud of this distinction that celebrates our creative culture that is inspired by the rugged, natural beauty and mountains that surround us.

You’ll see lots of public art around town. We understand public art is an expression of our unique culture and an opportunity to highlight local creative efforts which enrich our community. In 2019, the Town Council adopted a Public Art Master Plan that builds a pathway for more public art installations in the community.

You’ll find our creatives work is on display at more than a dozen art galleries. We “Fall Into Art” during September with events like Art & Soul Downtown Art Walk  or Trails & Vistas Art Hike. Many creatives open their studios at special times of the year. 

Truckee artists go beyond the traditional mediums. In addition to the many talented painters, photographers, and performers, there are many “makers” in Truckee. Our Truckee Roundhouse is a 3,000-square-foot “makerspace” that offers the community a place to learn, build, and practice a wide variety of art and creative skills.