Create a Big Life

Big Life Connections

Home Is Where You Belong

Home is not where you live, it’s where you belong. When you have an opportunity to meet people, develop relationships and acquaintances, your sense of belonging increases. These acquaintances can provide connections to other people, things to do, places to explore, ways to get involved.

BIG LIFE Connections is a program developed by the Truckee Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Town of Truckee designed to:

  • Connect the community
  • Develop relationships
  • Encourage engagement, highlight volunteering opportunities
  • Connect with businesses and the people behind the business
  • Share Truckee’s character, culture, values — what it means to be a Truckee Local!

Where Do I begin?

1. Sign up

Connecting with the program is free and you will then receive our newsletter with information about upcoming BIG LIFE Connections events that will be held throughout the year. Additionally, you’ll learn about community events, volunteer opportunities, ways to engage, be heard and make a difference in your community.  We won’t bombard your inbox, we promise! SIGN UP BELOW.

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2. Utilize Our Resources.

Besides the BIG LIFE Connections events, explore the many sections of this website full of information about our community, businesses, and events. Visit our Facebook or Instagram pages to see timely information about what’s happening, local businesses, and community members. Check out our quarterly magazine An Insider’s Guide for fun insider information about your community. Sign up to receive Big Life Weekly e-newsletter – coming out every Tuesday chock full of great information.

3. Attend Our BIG LIFE Connections Events.

Explore all that Truckee has to offer by attending our events held throughout the year. Build your personal and/or professional network by connecting with like-minded people who share your interest in learning more about your community. Keep an eye on our events calendar for the most up-to-date information. Some of our first events have included a meet-up at Donner Lake with elected officials and longtime residents; a tour of the museums of Truckee; and a virtual meet-up with our current and first mayors to hear the latest news from the Town and also the fascinating story of incorporation and why it was such an important step in making Truckee what it is today.

4. Be part of the BIG LIFE Connections Committee.

This group of people are interested in meeting other residents and learning more about Truckee. They are an energetic group, enthusiastic about living here and are full of ideas for our next BIG LIFE Connections event. Get to know some people while planning our roster of upcoming events.

Looking for more events near you? Visit the Calendar of Events, Truckee’s most comprehensive listing of events and activities.