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In 2017, Truckee was awarded a “California Cultural District” designation by the California Arts Council after an intensely competitive process yielding only 14 districts in the entire state. From the downtown art installations, to galleries, to our cultural event scene, to the community makerspace, Truckee is home to an eclectic mix of artisans, all as passionate about the place they call home as they are about their craft. Explore all arts, culture and history.

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Explore the heart of Truckee’s Cultural District in downtown with a walking tour.

About Truckee Cultural District:

The Truckee Cultural District is a geographical area where one can find a concentration of historic, artistic and cultural activities and attractions, all of which provide opportunities for creative enterprise. Truckee was awarded one of only 14 cultural district designations by the State of California in 2016. READ PRESS RELEASE


An exploration of the Truckee Cultural District provides unique and authentic mountain culture experiences, for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

The Truckee Cultural District also reflects the diversity of our cultural assets that enhance Truckee’s social and economic quality of life.

Our Vision is to position Truckee as a vibrant hub for art and culture inspired by our community’s majestic high alpine setting.

Our Mission is to foster diverse art and cultural enterprises through collaborative partnerships and promotion of our community’s authentic cultural assets.

We Value cooperative thinking and collaborative marketing that supports every creative person who belongs to Truckee’s cultural community. Everyone matters, everyone belongs and every organization striving to foster the arts is valued and welcome to our growing community.

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