Supporting Our Local Businesses Has Never Been More Important

Supporting Our Local Businesses Has Never Been More Important

October 23, 2021

Shop Small This Holiday Season! Shopping, dining, and using local services — Supporting Our Local Businesses Has Never Been More Important!

‘Tis the season to celebrate old traditions – and make new ones. And, whether you buy a festive sweater from one of our local shops or grab a hot cocoa from your favorite café, your support makes the holidays even happier for small businesses, not just on Small Business Saturday November 27, but every day.

We know that by shopping more consciously we contribute to the economic strength and sustainability of Truckee. The Truckee Chamber encourages all residents and visitors to make supporting our local community a way of life. When we all commit to this, the impact on our community is significant. Our small businesses are owned and operated by our friends and neighbors. They are always there to give to our community through donations to nonprofits and more. We each can do our part by shopping, dining, and utilizing local services — 365 days a year.

The fact is that the monster online retailers will never be able to connect with our community, to give shoppers personalized, memorable experiences, or sell unique, quality goods. The local aspect is where our small businesses excel – they know our names, they know our families, they care about us. Only WE can care about our community.

Shop Local 365 is not just about “shopping.” It is also about purchasing services such as car repairs, haircuts, gym classes, or dining locally.

This is about believing and embracing the fact that we are community-minded people that think first about where we can spend our money, locally, in the community where we live, work and play. By adopting this culture, it positions our community for long-term success. We are the only ones capable of building a strong economy, from the inside out. We know that our dollars will continue to work for us by funding critical public services and making our community a vibrant place where business can thrive. We know the impact that every one of our hard-earned dollars can have on the vitality of the community where we live. We know that our money in the deep pockets of monster online retailers will do nothing for our community. We know that by shopping more consciously, we can each do our part – 365 days a year – to contribute to the sustainability of Truckee. When we all commit to this, the impact to our community will be massive.

Shop Local 365 is not a holiday promotion, it is not an event, it is not some fleeting campaign. It is a daily practice that can make our community stronger. Let’s make it a way of life. Truckee shops local – 365 days a year.