Be Local 365: Support Our Local Businesses With the Sustainable Truckee Gift Card

Be Local 365: Support Our Local Businesses With the Sustainable Truckee Gift Card

June 1, 2022

We all know that by shopping more consciously we contribute to the economic strength and sustainability of Truckee. The Truckee Chamber encourages all residents and visitors to make supporting our local community a way of life. When we all commit to this, the impact on our community is significant. Our small businesses are owned and operated by our friends and neighbors. They are always there to give to our community through donations to nonprofits and more. We each can do our part by shopping, dining, and utilizing local services — 365 days a year.

A great way to support our local businesses, while raising money for sustainable initiatives is the Visit Truckee-Tahoe Sustainable Truckee Gift Card, a community-based digital gift card that is redeemable at over 45 Truckee restaurants, retailers, fitness and wellness providers, adventure guides, lodging and more.

The fact is that the monster online retailers will never be able to connect with our community, to give shoppers personalized, memorable experiences, or sell unique, quality goods. The local aspect is where our small businesses excel – they know our names, they know our families, they care about us. Only WE can care about our community.

When consumers in the community spend their dollars locally, the money stays and recirculates in the community through jobs, investment and donations to non-profit organizations that are tirelessly working to make Truckee a better place to live. On the flip side, money spent off the mountain never comes back to our community. Be Local 365 strives for a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable local economy that supports our resilient, prosperous and joyful community. When people buy and invest locally, everyone has a meaningful stake in the local economy.

Be Local 365 is a daily practice that can make our community stronger. Let’s make it a way of life. Truckee supports our local businesses – 365 days a year.