Truckee: An Authentic Mountain Town

Truckee: An Authentic Mountain Town

July 8, 2021

You know the place. It’s home to your favorite, best ever top-to-bottom run, ride or paddle glide. Where the stars and the conditions align and you enter, the zone. Where that certain restaurant chainsaws ice blocks, where that artist forges up-cycled iron, that chef creates farm-to-mountain-top dinners, that entrepreneur brainstorms the next killer App on a chairlift. Where that local kid wins international competitions, training in one of the safest cities in California. Where chilling on a pier at sunset is standard operating procedure. Where that “stranger” who helped get your ball back from their dog turns out to become your future wife, your husband.

Maybe it’s where you live; a week a year, most weekends, or full-time. It’s a mountain town, and a mountain life, and you belong here.

A big life means different things for different people, but we are all drawn to it. We are here for the clean air, the sense of freedom, the incredible access to nature, beauty, and outdoor sports. Maybe you came to Truckee for a career change; the ability to work remotely; maybe your dream is to move to Truckee, to create a business, to raise your family in a smaller, caring community with education that blends outdoor adventure with uncompromising academics.

Most of us live in Truckee, visit Truckee, to be with family, to spend time with friends, to share dreams and to create experiences together. With an alpine backdrop and easy access to nearly every winter or summer sport imaginable, it’s no wonder Truckee is known as an Adventure Town.

And while the outdoors unites us, there is a hardworking entrepreneurial spirit and tech scene that is collaborative, connected. We were pioneers who depended upon each other in the 1800s, and we are just as strong today. We fiercely defend, value and wish to protect our way of life, while knowing change is inevitable. We unite in finding solutions for our challenges, from housing to peak visitation periods.

And while our story is the place, local storytellers make up the community. Our thread is a culture that makes Truckee an authentic mountain town. We value the whole. We show up for fundraisers, we volunteer, engage, debate, celebrate and believe in a higher quality of life. We are proud of our rich heritage and the charm of historic downtown. We value a clean environment and open space; protecting Donner Lake, the Truckee River, the Summit and all of our meadows, streams and forests.

We love our mountain town and appreciate all of the people who are leading big lives, whether that is writing poetry or code, raising kids destined for the Ivy league or taking over a family business. the Truckee Chamber of Commerce is proud to be stewards of the success of our business community. On, you’ll find businesses who believe in the collective good; business owners who are making Truckee their base camp for a big life.