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Meet Carmen Ghysels

Carmen Ghysels joined the TTUSD team in August 2020. Carmen is an educational leader with 35+ years of experience serving students in multiple capacities including as a special education teacher, an ESL teacher, a migrant student teacher,  a teacher at both middle and high schools, a technology director, as principal, special education director, and most recently as Deputy Superintendent.

Ms. Ghysels is thrilled to serve our community as the Superintendent Chief Learning Officer at TTUSD. She and her family love Tahoe and have a home in Kings Beach. When she’s not working, Carmen enjoys spending time with her family and young grandchildren. She likes to hike, read, and cook, and she loves music. In fact, she’s an avid listener and consumer of music in all forms and has become dubbed DJ Carm because she loves to make playlists for family and friends.

Carmen strongly believes that all students can learn and thrive and wants to meet them where they are at, and enrich their educational experience. Seeing students succeed gives her great joy.  In her leadership role, she finds supporting and nurturing fellow educators incredibly rewarding. She loves being a mentor and helping others be the best they can be so they can leave a lasting legacy.