Town of Truckee Expands Innovative Program To Unlock Existing Housing Stock for Workforce Housing Needs

Town of Truckee Expands Innovative Program To Unlock Existing Housing Stock for Workforce Housing Needs

August 18, 2021

On August 2nd, the Truckee Town Council voted in favor of expanding the Town’s successful residential rental grant pilot program from one grant type to six starting in mid-August. The prior housing program, known as the Long-Term Rental Grant Program, offered $3,000 grants to homeowners who shift from short-term renting or not renting to long-term leasing (12-months) to a local employee. To date, the Program has unlocked 20 homes as long-term rentals serving 31 local employees.

The expanded program which was approved by the Town Council, now called the Workforce Rental Grant Program, will offer six grant types, including cash incentives for single room rentals, and shorter lease term options, such as three and six months. Additional Program changes include evaluating grant awards based on number of employees served versus a home unlocked as was the previous case. For example, with the new updates, if a landlord rents to three qualified employees for 12-months, they could be awarded up to a $10,000 grant.

“We are aware that local housing challenges continue to escalate. By expanding one of our existing housing programs to serve some of the immediate summer and seasonal housing needs we hope to unlock more homes for workforce needs right away. Our goal is to get people into homes and this program offers an immediate pathway to do so, “states Town Manager, Jen Callaway.

How the Workforce Rental Grant Program Works:

To qualify for the incentive package homeowners must have a home or room in Truckee and agree to rent for minimum 3-months to at least one employee working for an employer based in the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District boundaries. As the length of lease and number of local employees (or qualifying children) increases, the grant goes up accordingly. 

  Lease Length1 regional employee      2 regional employees OR 1 regional employee with a child or children3 regional employees OR 2 regional employees and a child or children
Shorter term (3-6 month)$1,000$1,500$3,000
Mid term (6-12 month)$2,100$3,500$4,500
Long term (12+ month)$4,500$7,500$10,000

By adding in shorter lease term options and rooms, the new program lowers the barrier to entry into the program for property owners who may not be able, comfortable, or ready to commit to a 12-month whole-home rental. Shorter-term leases also provide immediate housing options, giving tenants time to find longer-term housing. Lastly, the shift from a flat-rate grant for each home unlocked to a grant based on employees served better aligns with the goal of the program, which is to house the local workforce.

Tenants and homeowners can learn more about the Workforce Rental Grant Program by visiting:, calling Landing Locals at (530) 290-6949, or emailing

Landing Locals will work with property owners to guide them through the process of qualifying for the grant including listing the property on the Landing Locals website and helping secure a qualifying tenant. The Town provides the grants once leases are signed and has contracted with Landing Locals to administer the program including all property owner and tenant inquiries.

To learn more the Long-Term Rental Grant Program and other Town of Truckee Housing efforts go to