Truckee Home Access Program - Additional Workshops Added

Truckee Home Access Program - Additional Workshops Added

December 12, 2022

Due to a very high level of interest from the public, the Town of Truckee announced two more workshops for its newest housing program, the Truckee Home Access Program (THAP). (Called “T-HAP.”) In alignment with the Town Council’s priority to address the need for workforce housing, THAP was created to address the affordable housing issues faced by the local workforce. It is challenge for local buyers to find and finance a home for sale because Truckee’s housing costs are high, funding assistance is limited, and over 50% of Truckee’s housing units are utilized as second homes. The THAP is one solution of many to preserve and protect housing for the Truckee area workforce. This new program broadens the scope of Town housing programs by being the first Town program that offers a pathway to home ownership while also expanding to include a higher area median income limit.

To qualify for the THAP a household must have at least one member who is currently employed 30 or more hours per week, meets full-time employment equivalency with employer verification, or has a written offer for full-time employment at an employment site within the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District. THAP works in three different ways:

  • Financial assistance to buyers who work full-time in the region, don’t earn more than the program’s maximum income limits ($241,080 for a household of 4), and agree to sell to another THAP qualified buyer at resale. Buyers can use the financial assistance for a down payment, home renovations, or other expenses; or
  • Offers homeowners and incentive to sell their property to a household that qualifies for the program. While the seller does not need to meet the program qualifications relating to income, employment or residency, they do need to sell their home to a buyer that meets those qualifications; or
  • Offers local businesses and developers compensation to create new rental or ownership housing opportunities for the Truckee workforce.

The program offers payments up to $150,000 to local buyers, sellers, businesses, and developers in exchange for making for-sale or for-rent homes available to the local workforce through a long-term deed restriction. The participation of these different stakeholders will help move Truckee’s market towards one that is more balanced and supportive of local employees achieving their dreams of homeownership while utilizing both new and existing housing stock.

“Actively supporting the development of workforce housing is a priority for our Truckee Town Council. We recognize that we cannot simply build our way out of the housing crisis,” says Mayor Courtney Henderson. “The Truckee Home Access Program is one of many of our innovative initiatives to create housing opportunities for our local workforce. This program is unique in that it offers local families an opportunity for stability and homeownership in our town. By design, it ensures that we are both investing in the futures of our workforce and their families and creating a balanced, sustainable community.”

The Town of Truckee has partnered with Housing INC, a local affordable housing program consulting firm, to provide administrative support for the THAP program. Together, they hosted a series of informative workshops designed to help educate local realtors, lenders, buyers and sellers on THAP. Workshops were held throughout November and in early December. Two more workshops have been added:

Those interested in learning more about the THAP are encouraged to visit For more questions about the program, please contact

They have also added another workshop for realtors, lenders, and other industry professionals on Thursday, January 5th at 4 pm – sign up here.