Meet New Member: Alpine Chalet Collaborative

Meet New Member: Alpine Chalet Collaborative

April 2, 2022

Truckee Chamber is happy to welcome new member, Alpine Chalet Collaborative. The Chalet is a creekside, 1970s California chalet that is spacious, stylish, and hella hygge. It is located in Alpine Meadows. This short-term rental is 2,920 sq. ft. With 3 floors, 7 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and 8 parking spaces. It even has a kid-friendly swimming pond. Like Lake Tahoe, which is a 10-minute drive, dogs are welcome. With fun activities in and around the area, this ”Bearadise” is great for families and groups of friends.

Alpine Chalet Collaborative is a group of friends from San Francisco who had rented the same cabin in Alpine Meadows year after year. They sorted out all the logistics, rustled up new members, and managed the group during the season. And during all of it, they grew closer as friends and co-managers of the lease.

During the COVID pandemic, their landlord rented the cabin to a smaller group, a family. They respected his decision but were disappointed and discouraged, and as the summer wore on, it seemed unlikely that they would find a cabin for the ’20-‘21 ski season.

Yet they prevailed. In November 2020, they signed a lease for a smaller cabin nearby—just room for the few who persisted in their search. While so many people experienced isolation during social distancing, they became a “pod,” deepening their relationships and care for each other, becoming like family.

In March of 2021, a large home just down the road from the A-frame they used to rent became available. Because they knew and love the community in the quiet valley, they were eager to establish a long-term presence. The group formed an LLC, gathered funds, and bought the house. They rolled up their sleeves and got to work fixing it up.  

Now they are honored and deeply grateful to offer their home to you, their guests. The Chalet has everything guests need to feel welcome and pampered, including a 10-person jacuzzi, grill, plush towels, family-friendly items like baby gates, and more. Read about all of their amenities here.

Please visit their website for more information, and join us in welcoming Alpine Chalet Collaborative to our community.