Meet New Member: BabuHawaii Foundation

Meet New Member: BabuHawaii Foundation

September 25, 2021

Babu Hawaii Foundation is a US Scientific public charity entity dedicated to the highest concepts of physics. Their goal is the conservation of endangered species, including land & marine animals and plants in their native habitat of Hawaii and the surrounding Pacific Ocean.

Thanks to its top-notch scientific team, BabuHawaii Foundation is also developing theories in physics and potential solutions to improve the relationship between the human race and Planet Earth.

It is their vision to raise awareness of this delicate ecological system in order to accelerate the protection, restoration and habitat of native species through education in local communities and schools as well as partnerships with regional, state, national, and international entities with similar conservation goals. 

A fashion line is being developed with a line of t-shirts, board shorts, hats, swimwear, auction and sale of artwork by well-known artists, grant applications, public and private donations. 

Their mascot Babu’s interactions with turtles, seals, whales, dolphins, geckos, bears, coyotes, chipmunks and deer sparked an interest to open a company dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and plant life as well as their natural habitats, especially endangered and vulnerable species including Green and Hawksbill Turtle, Hawaiian Monk Seal, Red Crested Honey Creeper, Horary Bat, Oahu Tree Snail, coral reefs.

Future generations are at risk of not ever knowing what a coral reef looks like as bleaching of the coral is accelerating at an unprecedented rate due to global warming.  We stand to lose many species of coral, fish, and subspecies permanently. 

Projects that they are currently working on include, BabiBeta Device, a microplastic detection project; the Golden Babi, a matter identification and detection project; the Babi Shark, a biology/physic detection project on microplastic identification in the ocean; the Babi21, a viruses identification technique and detection project such as for COVID-19, Ebola etc. 

You can support BabuHawaii Foundation’s mission by making a donation using PayPal or Amazon Smile. Visit their website to donate: