Meet New Member: Martis Valley Massage

Meet New Member: Martis Valley Massage

July 7, 2021

Martis Valley Massage is a boutique three-room massage studio & apothecary in Truckee, specializing in regular deep tissue and therapeutic massage. Residents and visitors within the Tahoe area live an active and strenuous lifestyle that ordinarily includes lots of outdoor activities, sports, and body-pounding work. Regular massage can be used to help heal an injury, recover after training, relieve stress, improve digestion, alleviate arthritis, and help with anxiety. Martis Valley Massage believes that massage Isn’t a luxury, but a necessity for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. and we are here to help and support you in that journey.

Martis Valley Massage doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all treatment. Their therapists work with you to acknowledge and identify your wellness needs. They then perform a tailored treatment just for you. Your massage will be detailed, focused, and specific to your body’s needs.

Patricia (“Annie”) Coyle has been practicing massage therapy in mountain towns across the western slope since 2012. Practicing among chiropractors, energy healers, physical therapists, and acupuncturists. From this experience, Patricia has tuned in her abilities to incorporate deep healing, energy, and a profound understanding of the human body that shows in her work. Patricia has fallen in love with Truckee and the Tahoe area, where she passionately pursues outdoor adventures with her dog, friends, and family. Patricia finds her work to be gratifying and grounding. Specializing in deep tissue massage, she helps clients troubleshoot specific areas of concern through the use of a variety of therapeutic massage styles. Incorporating Deep Tissue massage, sports massage, Reflexology, and Trigger Point therapy. At the end of the day, Patricia relishes in helping heal her clients.

Check out all of Mountain Valley Massage’s offerings and make an appointment to visit their beautiful new studio and apothecary on Soaring Way across from Raley’s O-N-E Market today!