Meet New Member: SOS Outreach

Meet New Member: SOS Outreach

August 24, 2022

Truckee Chamber of Commerce is happy to welcome new member, SOS Outreach. Nonprofit SOS Outreach provides adventure and mentoring opportunities to youth who may not be able to experience them otherwise. No matter what social, societal, or economic barriers exist—SOS Outreach believes every child deserves the opportunity to thrive. They start with powerful outdoor experiences. Because it’s on the slopes or the trail that kids unearth the courage to step outside of their comfort zones, discover new strengths within themselves, and develop lifelong skills. Through their proven curriculum, they empower kids in our communities to discover their true potential.

By teaching youth to ski, snowboard, backpack, climb, and camp—activities that many kids aren’t able to access—they’re not only enabling outdoor exploration, but they’re also enabling self-exploration. Youth overcome obstacles on the mountain that translate to overcoming obstacles in life. Whether it’s courage and discipline to get back up when they fall or humility and compassion to help their peers navigate a challenging run—SOS helps them recognize these strengths to lead happy, healthy, and successful lives.

Outdoor recreation in an encouraging environment is central to developing leaders, but it doesn’t stop there. SOS Outreach kids look at their communities and determine what challenges need to be addressed, participate in team workshops to develop important life skills, and learn to incorporate core values in their daily lives. Through their progressive, multi-year curriclum—SOS empowers kids to become informed and engaged members of their communities.

From the moment kids step outside with SOS, they are introduced to positive and consistent adult mentorship. SOS Outreach mentors provide a strong support system that inspires kids to dream big—cheering them on as they carve a turn, offering a helping hand when the terrain gets steep, and lending an ear when they’re having a rough day. Through these powerful relationships forged on the mountain, youth learn what they are truly capable of and they develop the confidence to share their new skills with the world.

SOS is currently recruiting positive adult mentors for the winter season. Each mentor works closely with a group of 4-5 youth and commits to a schedule of ride days on the mountain and on-hill leadership and skill development training. The commitment required is 20 days between September and April.

For more information about mentoring, SOS’s programs, or to donate, visit: