Meet New Members, October – December 2020

Meet New Members, October – December 2020

January 5, 2021

Ecosense Designs: Architecture & Planning

Anne-Flore Dwyer is a licensed Architect. She founded Ecosense Designs in 2009 and focused her services on residential and commercial remodels in Kirkwood. She then went to work at Ward-Young Architecture and Planning where she completed her licensing and worked on a range of commercial projects. Ecosense Designs focuses on integrating three essential pillars in all aspects of their design and planning: sustainable, resilient, holistic. They use these pillars to guide the design to improve the homes and communities that we live in as they relate to the natural environment and human physical and emotive needs. 

Huguenin Kahn, LLP

Huguenin Kahn, LLP provides innovative and thoughtful legal counsel to meet business and litigation related needs, including trial, ADR and appellate practice. Their attorneys are accomplished and skilled in a number of specific practice areas, ranging from business law and corporate formation; estate planning; real estate and construction law; complex insurance matters; issues affecting emerging industries, including cannabis regulatory compliance and enforcement; products and premises liability litigation; personal injury defense; and employment and labor law. Offices in Roseville.

Images by Doug Jones

Doug Jones is a landscape and wildlife photographer, a native Californian, and a resident of Truckee, California.  He is a co-owner of Mountain Arts Collective in Downtown Truckee. Doug has been a member and strong supporter of the Truckee Chamber since 2016, then with Mountain Arts Collective, and recently rejoined with an individual membership for Images by Doug Jones. While Doug has had the opportunity to travel and photograph in many countries, he enjoys shooting in his local environment the most.


ManageHome was started by Truckee locals Stev & Megan Klei in response to the increasing regulations for Short Term Rentals (STR). This local, family-owned business helps navigate and manage the new STR permit process, act as your local contact person, deal with self certification, handle fire inspections, help ensure compliance with safety regulations and more. They offer homeowners peace of mind services for those that are marketing and renting their home on their own.  

Mendes Weed, LLP

Driven by a shared passion to help individuals, families, and businesses, Mendes Weed, LLP assists clients in securing a solid and healthy future through legal and emotional support. Mendes Weed, LLP was formed to offer a boutique law firm experience that could support their clients’ needs. Their specialties include Family Law, Tax Law for businesses and individuals, Trust and Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Restraining Orders, and Business Law. Combined, Lisa Mendes and Christina Weed have almost two decades of experience.


Pacaso, a service which creates a more accessible category of second-home ownership, is now serving Lake Tahoe. The company, which was founded by Zillow executives, modernizes the generations-old practice of co-owning a second home. Pacaso helps people buy and own a second home through a property specific LLC and reduces the cost and hassle of ownership. Pacaso also manages the property and uses proprietary technology to make scheduling easy. 

Phoning Homes

Phoning Homes provides tailored phone call check-ins to individuals who may be living alone or feeling distant. They check on those who just want to talk and/or need a well-being check; assisting in peace of mind to loved ones. They offer calls any time and day that works for you up to 5 times per week (weekends available). If a Phoning Homes call recipient does not answer, they will contact the care team (family/neighbors) dedicated to the individual, indicated upon signing up, to assure safety and continuity of service.

The Tahoe Ability Program

The Tahoe Ability Program is designed to create inclusion for people with developmental disabilities, foster independence and promote progress within our community. In addition, we strive to encourage self-advancement and assistance in reaching goals. It is an inclusive program for adults with developmental disabilities. The program serves Truckee and North Tahoe and is located in the Pioneer Commerce Center. Kimberly Whitington, formerly of Choices, is the Executive Director of this new program. Their new website is coming soon! 

Truckee Education Group

Truckee Education Group are remote education specialists providing private tutoring and personal advising. This team has four decades of experience in college preparatory education with 21st century teens. They help master the shifting landscape that is our students’ normal. Whether your child is struggling with an unstable academic environment, such as being in and out of class due to the current pandemic, or needs specialized support to accommodate their demanding schedule, the Truckee Education Group supports seamless transitions, distilling skills for efficient catch-up, building self-advocacy and self-awareness. What our children need right now is stability. Seasoned in an elite athletic academy, the team at Truckee Education Group have mastered the nuances of interrupted and distance learning.

The Museum of Truckee History – Railroad Museum

The new Museum of Truckee History, located in the Truckee Train Depot (to the left of Mountain Arts Collective) is a timeline of life, individuals, industry, and railroading in and around Truckee. Some of the featured historical Truckee displays include, “Train Master’s Office,” “Our Chinese History,” “Logging and Lumber,” “American Indians,” “Ice Harvest,” “Boca Beer,” “Truckee then & Now,” and “Trains & Trains.” The museum is a fun dive into Truckee history that you don’t want to miss!