Member Spotlight: Waste Free Tahoe

Member Spotlight: Waste Free Tahoe

January 19, 2024

At Waste Free Tahoe (WFT), they are not just talking about waste reduction; founder Maria Lopez Godoy is crafting a narrative of community-driven initiatives to safeguard our lake’s clarity, ease traffic congestion, and uplift the overall health of our beloved community.

Waste Free Tahoe can help your business eliminate trash, reduce costs, comply with regulations, and save the planet–hassle free!

Let’s dive into the story of Maria, the driving force behind WFT and a true powerhouse in the realms of economics and sustainability. With more than eight years deeply entrenched in the Tahoe region, Maria’s journey kicked off as a waste compliance specialist, evolving into the influential role of a Sustainability Manager across California and the U.S.

Maria’s knack for waste reduction is nothing short of artistry. She has lent her expertise to countless locations, sculpting innovative zero-waste plans and tools that propel sustainability goals forward.

Maria moved to Tahoe in 2014 for a gig in the ski industry and quickly realized that her true calling lay in curating a career devoted to the protection of our environment. Beyond her professional successes, Maria is a committed member of our community, volunteering with local organizations and actively participating in community clean-ups.

Maria is a lover of the outdoors and all of Tahoe’s best activities! You can find her carving up the slopes, basking under the mountain sun, or embracing the tranquility by the lake. Her commitment to Waste Free Tahoe is not just a professional endeavor; it’s a personal mission to preserve the pristine beauty that surrounds us.

Maria is also an active member of the Truckee Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program, further solidifying her commitment to building connections and championing the well-being of Truckee.

Reach out to Maria at Waste Free Tahoe for a consultation about how you can save money and reduce waste in your business. Visit Waste Free Tahoe at