Truckee Chamber of Commerce Launches a New Strategic Plan

Truckee Chamber of Commerce Launches a New Strategic Plan

March 9, 2023

Under the lead of President and CEO, Jessica Penman, The Truckee Chamber of Commerce has recently launched a new strategic plan, the first strategic plan in the 110-year history of the Truckee Chamber of Commerce.

Who We Are

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce provides a host of benefits and programs designed to assist and promote members. It’s the hub of the business community, keeping members informed, educated, and connected. Businesses that join are supporting a vital organization and professional staff that are actively involved in the community, working on behalf of members to enhance and improve the community and business climate.

The Chamber consists of three staff members, five California Welcome Center employees, 11 Board of Directors who are members of the Truckee business community, as well as 10 ambassadors.

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce serves more than 500 local business members and their employees, Town of Truckee residents and workforce, Nevada County and Placer County, and other community partners.

A New Era for the Truckee Chamber

This new strategic plan introduces a new era for the Truckee Chamber of Commerce. The new strategic pillars that will define the Truckee Chamber are:

  • Advocate for Business We are the Voice of Business. We will be the go-to source for data and information related to the business climate of Truckee and Eastern Nevada County. We will advocate for Truckee in all policy and business work-related measures at the local and county level. We are working to create a regional business voice to ensure that Nevada County is business-friendly.
  • Bolster Economic Prosperity We are working to ensure a strong, vibrant economy by cultivating and promoting healthy business growth. We are working to support and grow the Truckee workforce, in partnership with crucial community partners.
  • Cultivate Community Connection We will further engage, connect, and promote the Truckee community to both residents and visitors. We’ll continue popular programming such as Good Morning Truckee and supporting the North Lake Tahoe Truckee Leadership Program, the Truckee Core Values Fund, and the Truckee Cultural District program. We’ll act as a convener of community leaders around important issues facing Truckee and operate the Truckee California Welcome and Transit Center as an important touch-point for both visitors and residents.

Looking to the future, we are only as strong as our members and community partners. We look forward to working with you and establishing new relationships with our Truckee business community.