Business Resources

Business Resources

July 7, 2021

With a vibrant and diverse business community, there are a number of resources for people to tap into in Truckee to either get a business started or learn how to make one grow. Here are just some of the groups and resources for anyone thinking about starting up a business.

Truckee Chamber of Commerce – As stewards of the business community culture, the Chamber is here to help businesses grow and thrive to create a community where people want to live, work and play – where we raise our families and make a difference. We do that through a shared passion for the outdoors, through connecting people, building relationships, developing ways to share successes and by creating events and programs that make our business community smarter, more innovative and prosperous.

SBDC – The Sierra Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is an excellent there to help you navigate every turn at every stage of your business. Whether you’ve been dreaming about starting a business for years and this is your first time taking the plunge, or if you are a seasoned serial entrepreneur, SBDC is the best first step on your path to business ownership. Their expert-level advising is completely confidential and 100% FREE to you. They are there to help you define your goals and address your greatest challenges.

Town of Truckee – The Town of Truckee is a great resource for businesses. Their OpenCounter and ZoningCheck help you with important information and establishes a working relationship with Town staff. By offering an intuitive and beautiful interface to Town Hall for small business owners, they can help entrepreneurs feel that the Town is a partner and ally in their journey to opening day.

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Truckee is a community of passionate, like-minded people who are committed to protecting and preserving our small mountain town’s authenticity and ensure we have a thriving economy. One of the beauties of living in a small town like Truckee is that it’s easy to make a difference – knowing your community leaders, business owners, and neighbors. We value our quality of life, work hard and play hard – together. We are here to help each other be happy and thrive.