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Truckee Tomorrow

Truckee Tomorrow is a collaborative economic development initiative facilitated and managed by the Truckee Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Town of Truckee and public/private partners.

Truckee Tomorrow – Phase I:

Originating in 2010 on the heels of the recession, the Truckee Chamber of Commerce facilitated four community meetings to begin the dialogue of working together as a region to identify economic opportunities, challenges, and projects.

In 2013, a group of civic and community leaders were brought together to discuss economic development strategies to pursue. The group consensus was to pursue the creation of a Truckee brand and implementation of a place-based marketing effort that would create a centralized website providing live, work and play information. In 2015, upon securing funds from public and private investors, the Truckee Tomorrow economic development initiative began. In 2015, the Truckee brand, Base Camp for a Big Life, was developed with extensive community outreach and input. In 2016, a new, more comprehensive website launched focusing on an integrated economic, community and visitation message and information.

Truckee Tomorrow – Phase II:

In 2018, Phase II of Truckee Tomorrow kicked off with Business Speaks, convening the business community at professionally facilitated quarterly gatherings to allow businesses to speak candidly, fostering conversation to lead to the development of creative solutions. Through input from over 625 businesses over the course of 32 Business Speaks meetings specific projects were identified. Project Teams were formed to develop these projects:

Truckee Jobs Collective:

Created to tackle the issue of recruitment and retention of workers. The Truckee Jobs Collective has become the most comprehensive jobs and employers listing platform for Truckee. Employer profiles provide insight into the great companies that make up the Truckee business community. Job seekers can filter and sort through employer profiles to identify company culture, perks and benefits, and find full time, part time or seasonal employment. Additionally, an in-person Jobs Liaison works directly with employers and job seekers to assist in job postings and potential matches.

Growing Our Own:

To raise awareness of programs and career pathways currently offered by education providers, expand on existing programs to creative broader opportunities for shadow programs, internships or apprenticeships.

Quality of Life Surveys:

Annual surveys that measure and track community sentiment about living in Truckee. Decreasing loyalty trends cause flight to competing towns and cities, in addition to painting a negative reputation with prospective residents and business owners. This project measured community sentiment about living in Truckee providing invaluable information to assist in understanding trends in our community’s feelings about the quality of life in Truckee.

Socio-Economic Indicators:

Develop baseline information on key metrics that matter most to Truckee Citizens. Information to be measured annually to identify upward and downward trends that impact the quality of life for Truckee citizens.

In 2018, working collaboratively with districts, agencies, nonprofits, the private sector, and research groups, key socio-economic indicators were identified, measured, and recorded including the source, methodology, frequency and other impacting conditions.

View the Socio-Economic Indicators Dashboard here.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:

Develop a set of tools and services to improve access to resources, ideas, creative networks, incubators, technical assistance, financing, and a culture that will help give existing businesses, start-up new businesses, or potential businesses a greater chance of success.

In February 2019, the Entrepreneurial Project Team created a comprehensive Business Climate Survey and collected 108 responses. The survey collected qualitative and quantitative data on Truckee’s business sizes, sectors, resiliency, confidence, growth plans, hiring needs, greatest threats, skillset needs, capital plans, infrastructure needs, and existing or desired markets. This survey was intended to provide a baseline and be repeated every two years.

Survey Results: