Plans for a New Truckee Library Have Come to Life

Plans for a New Truckee Library Have Come to Life

August 6, 2021

After years of planning, outreach, and collaboration, Nevada County, in partnership with the Town of Truckee and the Friends of the Truckee Library, contracted with LDA Partners to develop architectural renderings for a new Truckee Library. The conceptual fly-through video and graphics tell the story of a welcoming, inspiring space that will allow our community to gather and connect, experience arts and culture programming, engage in events and learn new skills, and access resources and books, both print and digital.

Through community meetings and surveys, LDA Partners has designed a space that is bright,
open, inviting, and timeless, employing green building practices throughout and incorporating
the beauty of Truckee in its lines and curves. The 20,000 square foot space will house youth
and teen areas, private and open gathering spaces, meeting rooms both large and small, a
community room for events, and plenty of space for programming, reading, and research.

Efforts for the development of the new facility are gathering momentum. Progress over the past
two years include a vital partnership with Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District
providing a site at Truckee Regional Park, The Friends of the Truckee Library’s LibraryUP
community engagement and awareness program, strong collaborations between The Friends of
the Truckee Library, Nevada County, and the Town of Truckee, and the founding of the
LibraryUP Luminaries initiative to help with initial development costs.

Most recently, The Friends of the Truckee Library, Town of Truckee, and Nevada County have
begun discussions to determine the governing structure for the new space. Nevada County is
leading the process to help the parties develop the structure to finance, manage, and maintain
the facility. The proposed structure will welcome additional interested regional partners that want
to contribute to and participate in, the development of the space.

When asked about the new space, Nevada County Supervisor Hardy Bullock shared, “I am
exhilarated by the initiative to build a new Truckee Library, which is why I am working with
regional leaders and the Friends of the Truckee Library to develop a plan of attack to help move
the project forward. I’m most proud of the groundwork that has been laid: plans, design
renderings, and now a fly-through that helps us visualize the final facility.”

The current building was built in 1975 when Truckee’s population was 2,000. In its nearly 50
years in operation it has provided essential services to our community, offering a safe space for
all residents and visitors, regardless of background, income, ethnicity, and circumstance with
programming for all ages, a resource library and book repository, community support services,
and literacy initiatives.

Truckee is home to nearly 20,000 residents. This number is expected to reach 25,000 by 2025.
Our community deserves a library that accommodates more than the current maximum capacity
of 54 people—a building that is just as inspiring as the people and the community it serves.
Watch the new library come alive at